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Crown Reduction & Crown Thinning By Tree Surgeon Rugby

The time of year, your location and weather conditions all play significant roles in determining what type of tree you need to prune. For example: 

If it is winter then large branches might be best left for professionals who have the appropriate training with safety gear as they are potentially very dangerous if handled improperly because wood can weight more than one would think.

We all know how dangerous heavy and big branches can be. They need to be lifted with the right equipment so that you don’t damage people or property, but sometimes this isn’t enough! When trees are weighed down during their growing season they become more brittle than usual which makes them break away from the tree easily without warning – causing serious injury (or worse) when they fall on something below like buildings, overhead cables or fences. So make sure your inspection goes well every year by getting a professional Tree Surgeon to inspect the trees to see if they need pruning or crown reduction before summer.

Crown reduction is a perfect solution to reducing the weight from your tree and giving it an attractive, sculpted look. This technique not only reduces branches but also promotes healthier growth with its ability to cut back just above leaf joints or trunk spots on trees in order for you have more lightening without having too many excess twigs hanging around!

Our Tree Surgeons reduce the weight of your tree while sculpting it to look more aesthetically pleasing with their expert cutting techniques. By removing branches just below where they are attached, they can reduce branch number and thus overall size without harming other parts on the plant’s canopy in order for you to have a healthier-looking landscape!

In Rugby, we know that crown reduction is the perfect solution for reducing weight and sculpting our trees. Contact our experts today for more information.

Crown Reduction

Mature large trees such as oaks sometimes require crown reduction, which is a procedure that can damage the tree. We recommend this work only be done by qualified professionals in order to reduce their size and protect ancient specimens from unnecessary harm during the removal of branches or other parts necessary for maintenance purposes

What services do you require?

This is a photo of tree crown reduction being carried out by Tree Surgeons Rugby
This is a photo of tree crown reduction being carried out by Tree Surgeons Rugby

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a procedure that can be used to give your tree an airier and more open appearance. This type of pruning removes some branches from the crown, but it doesn’t alter their shape so they maintain all aspects in which are pleasing aesthetically.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is an important procedure for ensuring the safety of people and property. Care must be taken to maintain a good shape, but when trees grow alongside pavements or highways it may become necessary in order protect buildings from low hanging branches that would otherwise hit them with their weight every day.

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